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This Law School Is Launching An Online Legal Executive Education Program

A Los Angeles-based law school is trying to make legal education more accessible to working professionals and students unable to pursue a full-time law degree.
Loyola Law School announced Monday the launch of its new Executive Education Program, LLX. The program will introduce a series of courses that will teach tangible legal skills online, on campus, and at on-site company locations.
“LLX’s uniquely immersive education experience enhances traditional law school offerings by combining Loyola Law School’s century of respected legal education with modern technology,” Hamilton Chan, Director of Executive Education at Loyola Law School, says in a press release. “This program has the potential to change the way those interested in a legal education can learn, bringing growth opportunities to those unable to pursue a full-time law degree.”
Learning Relevant Skills
While the program doesn’t grant a law degree, it does offer a way for working professionals and students to learn topics relevant to advancing their careers.
“The complexity, relevance and reach of the law grows every day. The ability to understand legal basics is invaluable in the current business and start-up environment. Today’s students and working professionals are constantly searching for flexible and cost-effective ways to keep their skills relevant,” Chan says.
The first LLX course, “Negotiating for Success,” will teach students the art of successful negotiation, including how to build rapport, how to effectively make counter offers, and more.
The second course, Intro to Contracts, will be open for enrollment this summer.
Other course topics include “What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Lawsuit,” “How to Actually Practice Corporate Law,” “Protecting Your Intellectual Property,” and “Marijuana Law.”
An Interactive Online Learning Environment
The online LLX platform has been designed to include interactive digital components that also foster human connection.
The entire learning management system for LLX was built from scratch to feature a number of innovative and interactive features.
For instance, students can “choose their own adventure,” an exercise that combines educational content with gamification.
Other features include voice-driven exercises, online streamed content, interactive exercises, and forums.
Learn more about the LLX program here.
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