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Luke Bielawski’s goal to golf his way across the country has attracted media attention, including a radio interview

Law Student Tees Off in Cross-Country Tour
On Tuesday morning Luke Bielawki, 24, perched a ball on a tee in Ventura, California. He selected a club, assumed his stance and hit the ball in what will be the first of tens of thousands of swings. The law student at Indiana University’s McKinney School aims to golf his way across the country from the sunny beaches of California to Charleston, South Carolina.
On his first day he swung a club 674 times, covered 15.1 miles and lost 32 golf balls in the process. His journey is not merely a fanatical fetish for the game but a fundraiser.  The law student aims to raise $100,000 to fund scholarships for underprivileged students to attend a college preparatory high school. Bielawki is committed to playing the ball where it lies across nine states and 2,500 miles. Luckily, he has all summer to do it .  He’ll graduate from law school in the fall, and presumably by then he’ll have burnished his golf game, donated to a good cause and learned a bit about liability insurance for golfers in the process.
Source: Golf.com
Yale Students Boycott Business Insider List
Tales of 1Ls deleting key sections out of study guides or ripping essential pages from library books have become the stuff of law school lore. So the recent show of solidarity among Yale Law’s students this week may come as a surprise for many.
Business Insider contacted the school’s student groups for nominations of standout students for a story. The groups banded together and refused to submit individual names.  At a school that fiercely prides itself on a collaborative atmosphere, where there are no grades and, even more surprising,  no failing, an attempt to single out a few students clearly fell flat. Some students politely declined while others suggested using bogus names or issuing a boycott.  Without any candidates to choose from, Business Insider concluded that “Yale Law students are all the most impressive.”  As far as negotiating goes, it appears these aspiring lawyers are already quite savvy on securing agreeable terms.
Source: Business Insider
Harvard Law Students Sign Away Fossil Fuels 

Harvard Law students banded together to protest the university's investments in fossil fuel companies

Harvard Law students banded together to protest the university’s investments in fossil fuel companies

Law students are often cast as a cerebral and out-of-touch bunch. But those at Harvard Law School were determined to smash that stereotype. A group of students turned activist and called for a referendum vote to urge Harvard University to divest from direct holdings in top public fossil fuel companies. It is only the second student body on campus to do so.
Roughly 40% of the law students ultimately cast their ballots on the referendum with 67% in favor of divestment. Following the vote, the student government is expected to send a letter to Harvard University President Drew Faust and the law school administration urging them to push the divestment issue forward. The student organizers are hopeful the move will encourage other schools at the university to jump on board.
Source: The Harvard Crimson

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