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The Chillow

The Chillow

3 Ways Law Schools Are Like The Chillow

Ever hear of the Chillow? Yeah, we haven’t either. According to a recent Forbes article, the Chillow is a less-than-innovative and barely-functioning pillow that is meant to cool you as you sleep. Oh, it’s also a metaphor for law school.
Forbes contributor, Ryan Craig, who is a Yale Law grad, has it out for both products. The Chillow fails to actually cool you as you sleep and law schools fail to actually get you jobs yet pile on the debt. The first way Craig says the Chillow and law school are similar is consumers are taking notice of a bad product. You’ve probably never heard of the Chillow because it’s a bad product and no one wants to waste money on it. Well, applicants are starting to feel the same way towards the J.D. according to Craig.
Second, Craig says, when you call to complain about the Chillow, they respond by sending you another Chillow. Similarly, some law schools are offering inflated grades to make their graduates more attractive to employees. The example Craig gives is Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. Now at Loyola, you can earn an “A+” that is worth a GPA of 4.667 or an “A+” that gives you a 4.333, based on how you do on the class curve. However, the 4.667 comes with an asterisk, so technically your grade would be “A+*.” As Craig says, that type of grade inflation is like “a pie eating contest where the prize is more pie.”
The third way law school is like the Chillow? To actually get the new Chillow, you still have to pay shipping and handling. Craig says during his time in direct mail businesses, he has learned at least one thing. That is that shipping and handling is not only designed to cover the entire cost of shipping and handling the product, it is designed to cover the cost of making the product as well. How is this similar to law school? Loyola (Los Angeles) also requires payment for any and all transcripts.
So there you have it. Apparently law school has value akin to a cheap “as seen on TV” product. However, besides the first point, the other two points should probably fall into the category of “how Loyola Los Angeles Law School is like the Chillow.” There are obviously still many top law schools that are better than the Chillow.
Source: Forbes

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