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SummerHow Current And Future Law Students Should Spend Their Summers

Oh, summer. It’s the time when college students everywhere kick back poolside with mimosas from their parents’ fridges. It’s the time to do as little as possible while feigning busyness. Soak it up. Because it’s also the time when recent grads everywhere look back on their unencumbered college summers, keeping a wistful eye on their Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds that document all those hours of fun in the sun enjoyed by their younger compadres.
Now is your time, future and current law students. Just in case you are looking for some summertime suggestions, the infamous and shadowy LawProfBlawg, who claims to be a law professor at a top law school, has some ideas for you. Below are a few of the highlights.
First, for the 1Ls, do not watch The Paper Chase. If you are tempted to watch, pay zero attention to this terrifying scene of a mean Harvard Law professor. No professors are going to be that mean. And if they are, drop their course like last week’s leftovers.
Next, do something fun and memorable. As we’ve already established, summers don’t just grow on trees. They are fleeting. Enjoy them while you have them. Bike across the country. Hike the Appalachian Trail. Go to South America. Backpack Southeast Asia. Visit friends and family. It might be the last time for a while you have the freedom to do these things worry-free. Or as LawProfBlawg puts it, “This may be the last time friends and family look at you without thinking you are a strange creature from another planet.”
While you’re at the traveling, it would be a good idea to start a journal and continue it through law school. As LawProfBlawg states, at best you’ll have a best-selling book when you graduate. At worst, it will be a fun and informative psychological experiment on yourself.
Are you more of the responsible type and cringe at doing nothing besides blowing off an entire summer? Read about financial planning. Learn how to be a finance expert.
LawProfBlawg had to get creative for suggestions for 2Ls and 3Ls: basically, it’s mess with your professors and fellow students. Write an email in late June to your fall professors asking for the syllabus and first reading assignment. When they respond, ask as many followup questions as possible about the syllabus.
Finally, respond to your fellow classmates with weird and off-handed comments. As a 2L, tell people you are enrolled in bar review courses. If you’re a 3L, tell them you are not going to take a bar review course. Or play the hippy card and ask, “What are grades, actually, man?” Or, “My intelligence can’t be confined to the Western grading system or labeled by letter grades, man.” Basically, just end every sentence with “man.”
Source: Above The Law

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