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Oregon Law

University of Oregon Dean Michael Moffitt Discusses The Year Ahead

The Daily Emerald, Oregon’s student newspaper, recently released its law school preview. Within the preview is a lovely interview with the law school’s Dean, Michael Moffitt. The interview is (for the most part) geared towards Oregon students, grads, and potential applicants. Makes sense. But there are some nuggets of valuable info that transcend legal education across the nation. Below are some summarized highlights.
On the negative reports about law school
Just because the news of the demise of law schools seems urgent and new, doesn’t mean it is. Oregon and other law schools have been aware of, expecting, and enacting change for the better part of the past decade.
Response to parents and prospective students asking these tough questions
Oregon is investing more and more money into its career planning and professional development departments. Students are required to take a career planning and professional development class. There has also been an emphasis on experiential and skill-based learning to better prepare students for career success. Next, Oregon is trying to connect and grow the law school alumni program, Law Duck. Additionally, Oregon has decreased its class sizes by 20%. Lastly, Oregon is taking advantage of the major research university it is a part of. It is unclear what that actually means. But it’s doing it.
What 3L’s should do to best prepare for a career upon graduation
Engage in networks. The best way to find a job is to seek out people who already know that you’re good at what you do.
Is it worth it to go to law school right now?
Moffitt provides the answer that most provide: It is worth it for some. Moffitt believes it is worth it if the student really wants to be there. If the student is innovative and rabid, it is a good idea. If the student wants to go to law school just to go to law school, it isn’t worth it.
What Oregon is doing to attract students
Oregon does Oregon. The school has found out what it’s best at and it focuses on those areas. It’s not a top-10 school, but it could be a top-10 school in a few specific areas.
Source: Daily Emerald

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