So Long, Iowa Bar?


It’s All About The Classes

All is not lost, Fine Arts Majors around the nation. Or Fermentation Science majors from Appalachian State University. Or Popular Culture majors of Bowling Green State University. Or even the Floral Management majors at Mississippi State University. You can still realize your attorney dreams. According to a recent U.S. News article, it is all about your GPA and course selection.
Sure, you could do the stereotypical thing and get a boring political science degree. Or a government or philosophy degree. But what if your passions lie elsewhere and you still want to go to a law school? You can, as long as you show adeptness and interest in the skill set law schools are looking for.
What are law schools looking for? They are looking for what it takes to be a good attorney, which means being able to research, write, digest complex ideas and issues, and think critically. So say you are a Fermentation Science major at Appalachian State University. You obviously have a logical brain. You probably research well. You can probably handle complex issues. Taking a philosophy course to prove you can handle abstract thought might help. Or taking a persuasive writing or speaking course can help prove communication abilities.
And there is still the infamous GPA and LSAT to boost any law school application. While diversifying and complementing a major, it is very beneficial for an aspiring law school applicant to complete the courses successfully and slam-dunk the LSAT Lebron James-style.
Some law school admissions committees might even appreciate someone with such a diverse background. At the very minimum, they will probably enjoy reading about how a floral management degree has best prepared an applicant for a successful career as an attorney.
Source: U.S. News