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The ABA Is Loosening Restrictions For Online Education

The American Bar Association is easing restrictions on online law education.
Inside Higher Ed reports that the ABA has proposed to increase the limit on required credits law students can receive online from 15 required credits to 30 credits.
Restriction for 1L Students Lifted
Under the new proposal, first-year law students will also be able to take up to 10 credits online. Currently, under the previous rule, first-year law students are restricted from taking “distance education” or online law courses, according to JD Journal.  
What’s Next
The proposal will be discussed in a public hearing in April, with finalized changes taking place in May, according to Inside Higher Ed.
The proposal and other possible changes to the ABA’s accreditation standards will be discussed at a public hearing in April, possibly finalized by the ABA council in May and then ratified by the full ABA House of Delegates in August.
Pamela Lysaght, chair of the council’s Standards Review Committee, tells JD Journal that the ABA’s proposal is designed to allow more flexibility for law schools.
Sources: Inside Higher Ed, JD Journal

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