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StudentsAnother Week, Another Law School Reduced Tuition

While Cooley dropped a campus, Elon University School of Law announced a tuition drop. Beginning next fall, students will pay $14,000 less to attend the school. Tuition is currently around $38,000. Moreover, they will get a degree in two-and-a-half years instead of the traditional three.
These types of announcements are almost expected now, especially from the lower-tier schools. And it is a trend that will most likely persist until the drop in applications at least stabilizes and the job market for attorneys stabilizes or expands.
In addition to significant changes in tuition and length of study, Elon is changing the way in which students learn. A curriculum shift will lead to more experiential and action-based learning. Students will now be required to complete “residencies” akin to those found in medical schools where they will follow and work side-by-side with practicing attorneys.
These changes come as less of a surprise than they would at other schools. For the past four months, Elon’s dean has been Luke Bierman, who increased the amount of experiential learning significantly during his time at Northeastern University School of Law.
Additionally, students beginning next fall will each have a four-person advising team made up of a faculty advisor, a career mentor, an executive coach, and a consultant. That is some serious royal treatment.
This is all well and good, but where does the missing funding come from? The school has plans to unveil additional degree and certificate programs (another bachelor’s of law degree?). Moreover, the dean expects to see a general boost in enrollment and interest because of the significant changes. Kind of a dangerous assumption, but it is also time for some of these lower-tiered schools to start throwing Hail Mary’s.
Lower tuition, faster graduation and a four-member team to keep students from screwing things up? Sounds like a win. Or desperation.
Source: Triad Business Journal

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