Newsflash: Lawyers Need To Know Math

One Liners:


Choosing a Law School Based on Scholarships

Source: Above the Law

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Law School Forums

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The Best Law Schools For Your Money

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Should You Go Solo Right Out of Law School?

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Rutgers To Combine Law Schools in Fall 2015


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Jessica Petrocchi ‏@JLPetroc  1h
“The best answer in law school? It depends.” – Steve Friedland #e_elon
Corporette Law ‏@CorporetteLaw  2h
the most important thing I never learned in law school: nonrefundable cash retainer
Rebecca Jean ‏@BeekerLooHoo  3m
Thing I miss about pre-law-school life: rarely being asked to make decisions that will impact the rest of my life. Also, sleeping ever.

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