Law Schools Spend $2 Million on Judges

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The Most Overrated and Underrated Law Schools

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When Should You Apply to Law School

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UConn Law Settles for $12M in Case of Slipshod Library

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How to Explain a Switch in Undergraduate Major in Your Law School Application

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Who Are the Happiest Lawyers?

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Where is Shaq Heading to Law School

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LawSchoolHumor ‏@LawSchoolHumor  6h
Highlighters are more important than pens in law school.
Hannah ‏@hcash19  47m
Law school may kill me but at least I’ll die doing what I love
Daniella ‏@DaniMedeiro  52m
A letter from Law School telling me that I’m wait listed has hit me more than if it would have been a rejection letter..

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