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Studying During Quarantine? Read This.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced students online and off campus.

Alexandra Sumner, of the National Jurist, recently discussed a few tips for law students studying during the quarantine.


For many law students, the classroom setting or library is ideal for getting work done.

However, with many classes shifting online and university centers closing their doors, it’s critical to set up an environment at home to study.

“I know this may not be possible for everyone — especially for those who have children at home during this time — but if you can, find a quiet room or corner where you can truly hunker down and do your work in peace,” Sumner writes.


One of the issues with working or studying at home during quarantine is setting up a schedule that allows for breaks

Sumner stresses the importance of taking breaks – especially during the quarantine.

“It’s going to feel weird taking a ‘siesta’ in the middle of the school day, but be honest with yourself: every minute of the day you spend in law school isn’t productive, either,” she writes.


These days, there is an abundance of technology to keep people connected, no matter where they may be.

Sumner recommends law students to utilize technology to stay connected with friends and peers.

“Need help understanding a concept or case holding? Set up a Zoom/Skype/Facetime conference with your law school peers. If you have a school Facebook page or Group Chat, suggest creating a set time/date to video conference with one another to socialize and ask questions,” Sumner writes.

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