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Brooklyn Law School has now begun to offer unemployed graduates portions of their tuition back.

Partial Tuition Refund Offered To Unemployed Graduates By Brooklyn Law School

In an effort to alleviate increasing levels of law school student debt, Brooklyn Law School has now begun to offer graduates refunds for portions of their tuition.
Through the Bridge-to-Success program, the school will refund 15% of any student’s tuition who are still in the job hunt nine months after they receive their degree from BLS, according to an announcement from the school on July 13, 2015. The program is intended to serve as “both a boost while graduates conduct their job search and as a safety net if the process takes longer than anticipated,” according to the school’s website.
In order to qualify for the partial tuition refund, graduates are required to be in the process of actively seeing employment by working closely with the career services center at the university. Also, they must be planning to take the bar exam or have already taken it.
While the offer is generous, it likely will not affect very many graduates, according to statistics presented by the school. Brooklyn Law School has an enrollment of 1,119, and maintains a placement rate over 90%. So, this means BLS is only responsible for repaying the portion of the tuition to, at most, approximately 100 students.
Source: USA Today
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