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Harvard Law is among the schools whose graduates are rejected by founding partner of Adam Leitman Bailey P.C, Adam Leitman.

The Law Firm That Refuses To Hire Ivy League Law Graduates

Going against the grain of most real estate law firms, Adam Leitman, an attorney and founding partner of the law firm Adam Leitman Bailey P.C., argued in a Huffington Post blog post last week that students from second-tier schools are harder workers than those from Ivy League programs.
The attorney listed Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, or any of the other traditional high tier law schools as having undesirable graduates. Instead, Leitman says he hires from, “the top of the classes of the second, third, or fourth tier law schools.” Leitman says he finds that these graduates are, “more ambitious and more hungry to excel in the legal profession.” He adds that, “They are hard-working and usually grew up with a middle or lower class upbringing.”
Leitman also feels that students who come from the most elite law schools are unduly given too much power after they secure summer associate positions at large law firms.
“In order for the top law firms to attract the brightest students they must also show that in past years all of the candidates received job offers…Failure to get an offer practically requires an obscene action or complete breakdown such as at a firm social outing.”
In a rather ironic twist, Leitman admits that, “The top students from these law schools have no interest in applying for a job at our firm,” suggesting that for Ivy League law graduates, the feeling is mutual.
Source: Huffington Post
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