Law Jobs That Don’t Involve ‘Lawyering’

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U.S. Legal Bubble Can’t Pop Fast Enough

Source: Boston Globe

The Big Lie: You Can Do Anything with a J.D.

Source: Slate

International Law Programs Prepare Students For a Global Career

Source: U.S. News and World Report

University of Louisville Appoints Interim Law School Dean

Source: Louisville Business Journal

UC-Hastings’ Frank Wu on What’s Really a Tuition Cut

Source: Huffington Post

David Boies and Ted Olson Inspire Berkeley Law Grads

Source: San Francisco Gate

How to Win at LSAT Logic Games

Source: U.S. News and World Report

Do Custodians Make More Than Starting Public Defenders and Prosecutors in Massachusetts?

Source: ABA Journal

An NYU Student Reflects on Law School


University of Alabama Names New Dean

Source: Tuscaloosa News

Tuition Cuts Are a Risk According to Moody’s

Source: Wall Street Journal

Law School’s Lessons in Frustration and Alienation

Source: National Law Journal

Law Schools Push Back on Scalia Criticism

Source: National Law Journal

Some Stats About Georgetown Law Grads

Source: In the Capital

InfiLaw Loses Bid to Run Law School

Source: The State

Dean of North Carolina Law Steps Down

Source: North Carolina Policy Pulse

UCLA Law Sets Fund-Raising Goal of $150 Million

Source: National Law Journal

Advice From a Law Professor on How to Study for Exams

Source: Girl’s Guide to Law School

Law School Humor:

15 Reasons Being A Drama Student Is Harder Than Law School

Tweets of the Week:

AshleyRae, Esq. ‏@AshleyRae_ 
I’ve gotten lazy in my advanced stages of law school. I don’t even bother spelling “jurisdiction” anymore…it’s “JX” now and forever.
Danielle Bates ‏@dee_bates 
I’ll never understand why in law school they give you exams they know physically cannot be finished in three hours… Seems redundant to me
Danielle ‏@dkayshaff 
I’m so excited for law school, that I’m in the process of rereading my business law book
Corddaryl Woodford ‏@Corddaryl  Had a nightmare last night about studying for law school finals! Even when I am done and on break, law school still haunts me!
LawSchoolProTips ‏@LawSchoolProTip 
Law School: We’re not actually teaching you law but how to think about the law. Bar Exam: You better f*****g know ALL the law!

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