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Events like these probably don’t hurt Georgetown’s immense popularity.

10 Law Schools That Receive The Most Applications

Which is the most popular law school?
Well, that can be hard to tell. From an employer’s perspective, you could measure popularity by placement rates and starting salaries, categories both dominated by Columbia Law. You could also evaluate the “prestige factor,” a high ranking and a low acceptance rate. Here, Yale leads the pack by a wide margin.
But if you’re looking for the program that’s most popular with students… then you might want to head to the nation’s capital. According to U.S. News and World Report, the Georgetown Law Center tops the list for the most applications to its full-time program. With 7,257 applications in 2013, Georgetown actually tops its nearest competitor, the University of Virginia, by over 1,200 applications. And the DC-Virginia corridor is obviously a destination for aspiring attorneys, with George Washington and the College of William & Mary also placing in the top 5.
Among the top 10 schools for applicants, Georgetown maintains the second-highest full-time student population at 1,694 students, according to U.S. News. The highest? That would be Harvard, with 1,741 students… despite a formidable 15.6% acceptance rate. Georgetown’s acceptance rate31.1%is nearly double that of Harvard. However, it still falls below George Washington (a mammoth 41.1%) and New York University (31.4%).
As expected, the most popular schools were ranked in the top 20 except for the College of William and Mary, which sits just outside at #24. William and Mary, along with Harvard, is new to this year’s list. On average, law schools receive 1,891 applications, with the fewest applications received at the University of South Dakota (263), according to U.S. News.
To see the top 10 schools for applications, check out the table below.

SchoolFull-Time Applications (Fall 2013)U.S. News Law School Ranking
Georgetown University7,25713
University of Virginia6,0488
George Washington University6,00520
University of California-Berkeley5,8859
College of William and Mary5,84924
Columbia University5,7974
New York University5,7306
University of Pennsylvania5,2837

Source: U.S. News and World Report