Dean Strikes Back Against Sexism

6323459998_e7a2f171e7_zStudents Allege Women Being Drugged At Off-Campus Law School Parties

It is a lesson crammed into the heads of nearly all American children from elementary school—drugs are bad. “Just say no” was the anti-drug advertising campaign many Gen-Xs and millennials were inundated with growing up. Taking them is bad — and sharing them with your friends is worse. Perhaps the biggest no-no is giving them to someone when they aren’t aware of it.
This week, Above the Law was tipped to a story developing at the Syracuse College of Law involving current 3Ls alleging that they were drugged some recent house parties hosted by classmates. What’s more, they contend the drugging is a hate crime. The source says four 3Ls had something slipped into their drinks over three different off-campus parties. They were all women and hold leadership positions at the law school.
Here is a portion of a police report filed by one of the victims:

“As such, what has now become an endemic issue, seems to be targeted against students who hold these traits as an intimidation tactic, or more specifically a hate crime. None of the survivors have reported sexual assault or attempted sexual assault. The act seems to be committed for the sole purpose of causing physical trauma as a terror tactic. Students affected have reported adverse effects such as complete bodily arrest and lack of mobility, blacking out and lack of memory about chunks of the night when they were drugged, vomiting, physical tremors and seizures, rapid drop in body temperature and loss of consciousness.”

There are currently no suspects, but the victims believe the alleged assailant to be one of their classmates. Above the Law reached out to the school for information about the case and what the school is doing to investigate the allegations. Tomas A. Gonzalez, the assistant dean of Student Affairs, provided a statement saying the allegations are currently under investigation. The school advised the victims to file a police report, which they did. Additionally, a forum with the university’s Department of Public Safety has been scheduled for Feb. 3.
While the school made it clear that the incidents happened at an off-campus house, they also said they take the safety of their students very seriously whether they feel threatened on or off-campus. Since there seems to be a pattern with the “types” of people being targeted, those fitting that demographic will unfortunately have to continue to live with the knowledge that someone like this could possibly happen to them.
Source: Above the Law