Coronavirus Forces Law Schools Online

Looking For Ways To Pay For Law School? Read This.

Law school tuition isn’t cheap.

In fact, the average cost of attending law school comes in around $45,000, according to US News.

How exactly can you pay for a law degree? Fox Business recently discussed different ways you can fund your law education.


While not all students receive them, scholarships can significantly reduce the amount you spend out of pocket.

You’ll want to check out the financial aid sites of the schools you’re considering as well as private aid.

“In addition, you’ll want to look into scholarships and grants that are awarded by private organizations,” according to Fox Business. “For instance, the American Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation offers $10,000 annual scholarships to students who are interested in focusing on intellectual property law.”


Having a part-time job while in school can also help with the bills.

Experts recommend students to seek out law-relevant jobs that can also help bolster their resume post-law school.

“Be selective when choosing your side hustle—clerking at a law firm, assisting a professor, or working as a paralegal can give you relevant work experience to add to your resume,” according to Fox Business.


While loans aren’t going to reduce the gross costs out of pocket, it can help if you’re tight for money when enrolling.

Experts recommend first looking at federal loans then, if necessary, researching private loans.

“There’s no shortage of private companies that lend money to law students, but private student loans often have higher interest rates than federal loans and, unlike federal student loans, private loans do not qualify for loan forgiveness or income-based repayment,” according to Fox Business.

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