Coronavirus Pushes Back California Bar

LSAT Study Tips During COVID-19

With the June LAST being shifted online, future LSAT exams may also follow suit.

For those preparing for future LSAT exams, Gabriel Kuris, a contributor at US News and founder of Top Law Coach, recently offered a few options for test prep during COVID-19.


Kuris says that when it comes to the LSAT, self-study is a viable option.

With free and affordable study materials from LSAC, test-takers can practice the exam and identify weak points.

“Students willing to invest a little more will find a wide variety of prep books for sale. Be sure to read reviews carefully and find books that provide full coverage and detailed explanations of practice questions,” Kuris writes. “It’s hard to cultivate good habits and strong techniques without understanding your mistakes. Used books that are up to date and contain unmarked practice questions may be an affordable option.”


There are a number of materials available online for test-takers to prep.

These online courses are even more prevalent, Kuris says, given the current pandemic.

“During the current COVID-19 pandemic, online classes may be the only options applicants have, but self-motivated students may prefer them anyway,” Kuris writes. “Online classes allow you to complete lessons at your own pace and rewatch videos as needed. Some companies provide hotlines or other chat options for follow-up questions.”


While it may be difficult to meet in-person with private tutors during this time, the option is still available online.

Kuris stresses the importance of choosing a tutor that you feel comfortable working with.

“Working on the LSAT can trigger raw emotions like disappointment and frustration, so personal trust and fit are essential,” Kuris writes. “Not every practice session can feel gratifying, but if your tutor makes you feel bored, confused or unsure of yourself, consider trying a session with someone with a different style.”

Sources: US News, LSAC