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ABA Strips Another Law School’s Accreditation

The ABA is stripping a San Diego-based law school’s accreditation.
Above The Law reported last week that the association planned to take away Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s accreditation.
Just one year ago, Arizona Summit Law School lost its accreditation. Eventually, the Phoenix-based law school would close its doors several months after an unsuccessful appeal, reports.
Thomas Jefferson School of Law plans to appeal the decision. During the appeals process, according to Thomas Jefferson officials, the law school will remain on the list of ABA-accredited law schools. It has 30 days to submit the appeal.
“The law school is disappointed by this capricious decision and strongly disagrees with the council’s findings,” Vice Dean Linda Keller wrote in her prepared statement. “The law school has taken concrete and significant steps in response to the council’s concerns, and has fundamentally changed, transforming into a smaller, stronger school.”
Thomas Jefferson has struggled to meet ABA accreditation standards in the past.
Back in November 2017, the law school was placed on ABA probation for violating an ABA rule of admitting students who “appear capable” of graduating and passing the bar as well as “maintaining a rigorous academic program.”
The law school also faced scrutiny in 2016 for allegedly reporting deceptive graduate employee data when a graduate sued the law school in 2012 for granting her a degree that offered few job prospects.
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