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What To Do If You’re Waitlisted At Multiple Law Schools

You’ve sent in all your applications and now everything is out of your hands. Now all you can do is wait. That is, until you get notifications that you’ve been waitlisted. The wait can be crushing, especially if you’re waitlisted by multiple law schools.
Daniel Waldman, a contributor at U.S. News, recently discussed what law school applicants should do in such cases.
Reaffirm Your Interest with a Letter
Waldman advises that the first step students should take is to write a letter of continued interest. The worst thing you can do, he says, is do nothing.
“While some law schools require you to affirmatively accept their offer to put the applicant on the waitlist, most will place you there unilaterally,” Waldman writes. “Some applicants think that there’s nothing left for them to do but cross their fingers and wait, but this is precisely the time to be proactive.”
There are a few things you should include in your letter. For one, according to Spivey Consulting, it’s best to lead with your interest in the school in a clear and direct matter.
Many times, applicants may be placed on a waitlist simply because the school wants to ensure they have backups who can fill seats if other applicants reject their offer. Specifically noting that you are interested in attending and will attend if admitted can mean a lot.
Additionally, highlight why your reasons for attending are important to you and how certain factors about the law school benefit you.
Visit the School
Another potential way of highlighting your interest in a school is to visit its campus.
“Make sure to coordinate the visit with the admissions office so the school knows you’re willing to spend the time and resources, which is a good indication of your strong interest,” Waldman writes.
When visiting a school, Waldman suggests reaching out to committee members and current students to ask questions. After visiting a campus, Waldman advises applicants to include their impressions of the visit in their letter of continued interest.
Ensure Your Place at a Safety School
Putting down a deposit at a safety school ensures you will have a plan B. Waldman says often times applicants make the mistake of not doing so.
“A common mistake made by applicants on multiple waitlists is assuming that they will get admitted to at least one of the schools and consequently foregoing putting in a deposit in a lower-ranked school,” he writes.
Above all, Waldman suggests applicants to relax and not stress out.
“Even if you haven’t been offered admission yet, things may change. Many schools make offers in July, and sometimes even August,” he writes. “So take a deep breath, start working on those letters of continued interest and hope for the best.”
Sources: U.S. News, Spivey Consulting

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