How To Consolidate Law School Debt

One Liners:


High Interest In Low Cost UT-Dallas Program

Source: Dallas News

101 Year Old Still Working At Big Law Firm

Source: Above The Law

CU-Boulder Grad Pledges $1.5 Million For Law School Professorship

Source: Daily Camera

Vermont Law School Professor Cheryl Hanna Dies

Source: Burlington Free Press

Law Schools With The Highest LSAT Scores

Source: U.S. News

Cooley Law School May Close Ann Arbor Campus In December

Source: MLive

Law School, I Love You

Source: Gawker

Bar Exam Fail

Source: Fox News

LawCrossing Ranks Top Law Schools In The United States

Source: Inside Counsel

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Eddie Dean ‏@DBMiniCooper
It’s ironic that law school taught me about good faith while simultaneously destroying my ability to have any
Federalist Society @FedSoc
Law school applications down 37 percent since 2010; first-year class could be smallest in 40 years
Aaron Taube @aptaube
The definitive poem about law school: 
LawSchoolHumor @LawSchoolHumor
People will do anything for money. Exhibit A: law school.
whitney vaughn @WhitneyLeShea
Now that I’m going to law school, I have been hearing that I’m a southern elle even more.#idonthateit@RWitherspoon
Kirst @kirstieraeee
Who needs law school when you’ve seen every episode of SVU
CorporetteLaw @CorporetteLaw
BB The Intern got a C in criminal law and she’s devastated.
Don’t be a hero. In law school the goal is to just cross the finish line.