The Top Law Schools for Jobs

Dreaming of clerking for a judge? These are the schools with the largest percentage of 2013 graduates earning federal clerkships:

SchoolClerkship Percentage
Yale University35.0%
Stanford University29.4%
Harvard University17.0%
University of Virginia12.9%
Cornell University11.4%
University of Alabama10.2%
University of Chicago10.2%
University of Georgia9.4%
University of Pennsylvania9.3%

Source: National Law Journal
For those students hesitant to leave the nest, these schools provide the highest percentage of school-funded jobs:

SchoolPercentage of School-Funded Jobs
Emory University22.9%
College of William & Mary22.1%
University of Virginia16.2%
University of California-Davis15.3%
Michigan State University15.3%
George Washington University14.8%
Boston University14.7%
Georgetown University12.9%
Charlotte School of Law12.9%

Source: National Law Journal
If you plan to enter public service as a prosecutor, public defender, or nonprofit attorney, head to the DC area. Six of the top ten schools are based within a few hours of the nation’s capitol:

SchoolGovernment and Public Interest Percentage
College of William & Mary34.6%
City University of New York34.1%
Florida State University28.3%
George Washington University26.9%
George Mason University26.3%
Georgetown University25.7%
Vermont Law25.5%
University of Colorado-Boulder25.0%
Howard University24.6%
Catholic University24.4%

Source: National Law Journal
To see how your school fares in these categories – or to view the schools with the highest percentages of unemployment, underemployment, or state clerkships – click here.
Sources: National Law Journal, National Law Journal