The Best Schools And Programs For International Law

Rank and School Annual Tuition (Full-Time) LSAT (25th -75th Percentile) Acceptance Rate Median Private (PR) and Public (PU) Sector Starting Salaries Post-Graduation Debt Employ-ment After 9 Months (2011 Grads) Over-all Rank
1. New York U. $54,678 168-172 31.4% $160,000 (PR)$51,630 (PU) $147,685 95.9% 6
2. Columbia U. $57,838 169-173 21.3% $160,000 (PR)
$50,000 (PU)
$141,566 97.0% 4
3. Georgetown $50,890 163-169 31.1% $160,000 (PR)$58,000 (PU) $145,631 84.3% 13
3. Harvard $53,308 170-175 15.6% $160,000 (PR)
$58,000 (PU)
$123,673 94.1% 2
5. American U. $48,148 153-159 46.7% $80,000 (PR)$55,000 (PU) $158,636 53.6% 72
6. George Washington U. $49,840 159-167 41.5% $160,000 (PR)$60,000 (PU) $123,693 91.0% 20
7. U. of California-Berkeley $52,009 163-169 17.8% $160,000 (PR)$60,000 (PU) $141,358 88.1% 9
8. Yale $54,650 170-176 9.4% $160,000 (PR)$61,036 (PU) $111,961 91.4% 1
9. U. of Michigan $52,784 165-170 27.0% $160,000 (PR)$57,408 (PU) $117,675 86.6% 10
10. Duke $53,596 165-170 19.0% $160,000 (PR)$55,000 (PU) $124,549 87.1% 10

Source: U.S. News and World Report


New York University

This year, New York University again ranked as the top international program. Located within a few miles of the United Nations, the school offers international programs on everything from human rights to European and Asian legal systems. Students study topics like comparative constitutional law, investment law, international trade, arbitration and litigation, and global governance. During the school year, NYU provides numerous year-long and semester-long clinics, where students can work with clients like government and international organizations that focus on areas like litigation and global justice. During summers, over 60 students intern in over 30 countries. NYU students can also participate in study abroad programs in Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Paris. And students who need to polish their foreign language skills can enroll in courses or receive personal coaching.

Columbia Law

Columbia University’s Business School brags that they are located in “the very center of business.” The Columbia School of Law could claim that they’re based in the Brussels of North America. Along with being home to the United Nations, Manhattan is packed with international consulates, organizations, and law firms, perfect for students looking to practice international law. Columbia has developed law programs specific to China, The European Union, Israel, Japan, and South Korea. The school is also the only American law program that offers internships with The International Court of Arbitration. In addition, Columbia maintains externships with UN Offices like The High Commission For Refugees and The Office of The General Assembly Affairs, along with clerkships at The Federal Court of Appeals in Buenos Aires. In 2012, Columbia launched centers in global financial markets, constitutional governance, and arbitration.

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