The Law Schools With The Highest Pay

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How to Negotiate for Scholarships and Financial Aid
Source: Kaplan LSAT

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Are Some Business Schools Padding Their Employment Numbers?
Source: Business Insider
Loyola Marymount Disses Women With Dress Code Suggestions
Source: Above the Law
Washington University Names New Dean
Source: St. Louis Business Journal
University of Florida Puts Search for New Dean on Hold
The Fundamental Problems With the U.S. News Rankings
How To Use (And Not Abuse) Law School Rankings
Source: Kaplan LSAT
ABA Council Deadlocks Over Tenure Requirement in Law School Accreditation Standards
Source: ABA Journal
5 Tips For Staying Sane in Another Year of Law School
Source: Survive Law
Lawyer Depression Begins in School
Source: National Law Journal
Downsizing Happening at University of Buffalo Law
Source: Buffalo Business Journal
UNC’s Law School Receives Fewer Applications
Source: Daily Tar Heel
Appalachian State Trimming Enrollment and Staff
New Health Law Sending Many Back to School
Source: New York Times
Some Thomas Jefferson Law Grads Don’t Regret Their Decision
Source: Business Insider
Tweets of the Week:
Jessica Frey ‏@JessicaNFrey  

this girl on the voice says she is deciding between singing or going to law school…im screaming at the tv: choose music!
Atalie T ‏@atalie1753  

Major respect for all the people who went through law school without computers and/or internet. Hats off to y’all. #CouldAlwaysBeWorse
Wendy Thurm ‏@hangingsliders  

1st 2 years of law school, I won my section’s March Madness pool. Guys were pissed, thought I picked teams by uniform color. Good times.

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