Law Schools With Declining Enrollment

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Child Star Now Professor of Law at Case Western

Source: Cleveland Scene

Could Changes At Albany Law School Spread To Other Schools?

Source: American Lawyer

Secrets To Composing Networking Emails

Source: Law School Toolbox

Mother Offers To Pay Someone to Hire Law Grad Son

Source: Huffington Post

Video Shines Light On the ‘Disturbing Emotional Toll’ Of Being Black At UCLA Law School

Source: Huffington Post

Create a Law Admissions Calendar for Post-Application Tasks

Source: U.S. News and World Report

Five Things Successful Attorneys Did Not Learn In Law School

Source: Bar Exam Brief

Columbia Law Professor to Join Harvard Faculty

Source: Huffington Post

Kansas Law Targeting Missouri Students with Scholarships

Source: Lawrence Journal-World

Tweets of the Week:

gabrielle. ‏@yo_gabbi_gabbi  1h
After law school I’m literally going to put esq. after my name EVERYWHERE.
rachel emily ‏@rrrachelemily  57m
It baffles me how many people in law school are married. I can barely clothe/feed/care for myself and they do it as a team effort #how #why
Jeff C ‏@carty64  3h
Watching The Rainmaker. Sometimes I wonder if Grisham was conscious during law school. This stuff is absurd.

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