Ranking The Law School Rankings

One Liners:


Law School Cuts Tuition By $30K

Source: Wall Street Journal

Syracuse Strategically Manages An Enrollment Drop

Source: Wall Street Journal

Can You Get Into Law School With A Low GPA? (Check Out These Student Examples)

Source: Lawschooli

Why Law School Can’t Be Fixed From Within

Source: Tax Prof

How To Make A Career Change As A Lawyer

Sources: Above The Law (Part 1), Above The Law (Part 2)

How Parents Can Be Law Students

Source: U.S. News and World Report

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Lindsay Collins ‏@_linzinoo48m
The fact that my criminal law book is the same book my professor used in law school makes me want to jump out a window.
EMudgett ‏@Pinetree17721h
#WendyDavisOneLiners Girls go the college to find a wealthy husband but go to law school to get rid of him. Cha-Ching!