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CaliCalifornia Bar Exam Results By School

One month after releasing the overall bar results, the California Committee of Bar Examiners released the state’s school-by-school report. For the first time in three years, Stanford did not have the highest pass rate. This year, the title went to the University of California-Berkeley, preventing a three-peat of Stanford having the most success in bar passage. Stanford dropped from 91% to 87.6%, while UC-Berkeley had an 88.3% pass rate. According to the US News, Stanford is the third best law school in the country while UC Berkeley ranks ninth.
Rounding out the top five out of the 21 American Bar Association accredited California schools were University of Southern California (ranked 20th in the nation), UC Davis (ranked 36th in the nation) and UCLA (ranked 16th in the nation), respectively. The pass rate percentages for those schools were 86.6%, 85.6% and 81.7%, respectively.
After having an impressive second place percentage of 90.2% in 2012, UC Irvine dropped to 77.5% in 2013 and 77.1% this year suggesting the 2012 pass rate might have been an anomaly.
The bottom five schools were Western State (58.8%), Southwestern (54.4%), Thomas Jefferson (44.7%), Golden Gate (43.8%) and Whittier (42.7%). That’s right. Thomas Jefferson did not come in last. So they have that going for themselves. Despite being ranked 87th by US News, Loyola-L.A. placed sixth this year with a pass rate of 79.9%. Last year they ranked third.
The top five out-of-state schools were Michigan (97.1% with 35 test-takers), Duke (96.7% with 30 test-takers), Pennsylvania (92.6% with 27 test-takers), William and Mary (90% with 10 test-takers) and Boston University (89.5% with 19 test-takers). The bottom five out-of-state schools were Case Western (14.2% with seven test-takers), Thomas Cooley (6.3% with 16 test-takers) and Loyola New Orleans, Phoenix and Seattle all with 0% and six, 13 and five test-takers, respectively.
Source: Above the Law

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