Law Vs. Business: Who Wins The Jobs?

How we did the analysis: First, we isolated the law schools with the best at-graduation placement records of 2011 and ranked them in order of the percentage of JDs with full-time jobs requiring Bar passage. Then, we looked at the latest 2012 placement stats at the business schools on the same campuses.

The first two numbers in the table are for grads with jobs at graduation. The second two numbers reflect jobs nine months later at law schools and jobs three months later at business schools.

JDs vs. MBAs: How Law Schools Compares Against B-Schools in Employment


  1. University of Virginia97.3%81.5%96.0%90.9%
  2. Stanford University93.2%71.3%95.8%87.8%
  2. Columbia University93.2%77.0%95.4%91.6%
  4. Harvard University90.9%77.4%93.7%89.3%
  5. Yale University90.7%66.5%91.2%85.5%
  6. University of Chicago90.6%84.1%95.1%92.3%
  7. University of Penn83.6%79.7%91.2%91.7%
  8. George Washington Univ.81.7%55.7%88.0%85.2%
  9. Northwestern University77.4%76.9%84.7%91.7%
10. Duke University72.9%86.5%87.4%91.7%
11. UC-Berkeley72.6%74.4%82.6%92.7%
12. University of Michigan70.7%74.3%85.8%81.4%
13. Cornell University69.7%82.0%76.1%89.6%
14. University of Alabama66.5%77.3%87.8%90.7%
15. Vanderbilt University65.2%71.1%76.3%87.2%
16. Georgia State University64.5%NA77.4%NA
17.. University of Minnesota64.0%83.6%66.3%90.9%
18.. Georgetown University63.7%67.9%71.1%88.8%
19. Indiana University62.1%76.1%73.3%89.4%
20. University of Texas-Austin62.0%80.7%76.7%92.5%
21. University of Houston58.0%55.3%75.8%76.6%
22. University of Maryland57.6%58.5%62.3%88.1%
23. University of Louisville57.5%NA86.6%NA
24. University of Georgia56.8%65.8%66.5%86.8%
25. Rutgers (data for Camden law)55.0%60.0%65.3%93.3%

Source: Law & business schools reporting to U.S. News & World Report