Good News On The Job Front For JDs?

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How To Study Hard Without Burning Out

Source: Scott Young

Higher Ed Asserts Voice in Patent Reform Effort

Source: National Law Journal

A Dinner with a Law School Dean

Source: Above the Law

Harvard Law Under Investigation for 2010 Title IX Complaint

Source: Harvard Crimson

William Mitchell Law President to Step Down

Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Does Diversity Hurt U.S. News Rankings?

Source: Above the Law

Why I Never Got Higher Than a B in Law School

Source: Above the Law

U.C.-Berkeley to Offer First Interactive Online Course

Source: Daily Californian

Your Assignment: Sue the Federal Government

Source: New York Times

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Ibrahim Mincom ‏@get_it__  2h
Hey guys, I have achieved one of my dreams and bought a mini laptop, I am one step closer to be a failed writer who graduated law school.
-Tris. ‏@7R15  32m
Just written 10 pages of notes. Never written 10 pages of notes on one thing in my life. Final year of law school what are you doing to me.
Penguins, Bro ‏@lemonadebandit  37m
So many of my law school classmates take classes because they heard the professor is easy or the final is easy, regardless of subject matter
Beloved_ems ‏@emilynangy91  46m
Most of us copy and paste ourselves through #lawschool