Columbia Law Tops 'Go-To' Rankings

Female Enrollment at Law Schools Outpaces Men

For the second year in a row, women enrollment at law schools have outpaced male enrollment.
A 2017 report by Enjuris, an independent legal resource, found that 51.3% of women are attending law school in comparison to 48.7% of men. 2016 was the first year female enrollment (50.09%) outpaced their male counterparts at law schools.
Female Enrollment is Growing at Top Law Schools
Enjuris also found that female student body representation is growing at the nation’s top law schools.
Check out female enrollment at the top 10 ranked law schools.
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Howard University has Highest Female Enrollment
While top law schools have seen an increase in female enrollment in recent years, female enrollment at other law schools is significantly higher.
Howard Law holds the highest female JD enrollment with 69.4% female representation. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School has the second highest female enrollment at 67.7%. Northeastern comes in third at 65%.
Still More Work To Do
So, what do all these numbers mean? For one, law schools are seeing greater female representation than ever before. Still, this growth hasn’t been translated to more female attorneys in practice.
According to the Commission on Women in the Profession, men make up 64% of practicing attorneys. Females only make up 36%. At Fortune 500 firms, the numbers are even more drastic with women only accounting for only 24.8% of general counsel.
If anything, these numbers simply mean there’s more work to be done in gender equality.
Sources: Enjuris, Commission on Women in the Profession