80% Of Law Schools Operating At A Loss?

One Liners:


An Attack Plan For Final Exam Questions

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The Unexpected Benefits of Law School

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How I Started My Law Firm Right After Law School

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The Two Year Law Degree: A Great Idea That Will Never Come To Be

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Patent Wars Fuel Growth of Jobs In Intellectual Property Law

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How Law Schools Weigh GPA, Early Decision Applications

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Tips For Studying For A Closed Book Exam

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Where’s The Best Place For A Young Law Grad To Live?

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Yale Law Receives $25 Million Dollar Gift

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Valparaiso Hires New Law School Dean

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Meghan Corrin ‏@megcorrin1h
The most important words in law school: reasonable person, informed consent, and free food.
Pimal Patel ‏@PimalPatel1h
Law School. Where chores are also study breaks
Lauren Wagner ‏@lwag10391h
Law school has forever ruined movies for me… Mr. Deeds is now estates and trusts plus biz org! #lawschoolproblems
aimee ‏@aimeeeface4h
I like how all the law school event (in my case, research certification) sign up things come with free highlighters and chocolate.