Most Impressive JD Students At Harvard

Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson

The Most Impressive Students At Harvard Law School


Think you have the ‘right stuff’ to get into Harvard Law?

Cambridge isn’t Hollywood, so a suggestive video and a 4.0 GPA in fashion design (ala Elle Woods) won’t cut it. No, it takes more than perfectly crafted essays, a spotless academic record, and a 170 on your LSAT to get Harvard’s attention. To don the Crimson, you need something really special. Can you speak four languages? Have you been celebrated in national publications? Have you written books, co-starred in movies, or started a company? Well, those are the types of achievers you’ll compete against to get in.

Good luck.

This week, Business Insider profiled 18 of the most fascinating students currently enrolled at Harvard Law School. They include a fighter pilot trainer, a child actor, and President Obama’s former personal secretary. Here are some of their stories:

Katie Johnson: Imagine if your references included a sitting President of the United States! Look no further than Wellesley grad Katie Johnson, who served as President Obama’s personal secretary for two-and-a-half years. Before that, she interned to Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign before moving up to become Rahm Emanuel’s assistant. If you weren’t jealous of Johnson already, she also interned at Facebook last year.

David Dorfman: Talk about a prodigy! Starring in films like “The Ring” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” Dorfman graduated as Valedictorian from UCLA at 17 and was accepted to Harvard Law at 18.  Thankfully, his life has slowed down as a second year, as he writes for three legal journals and serves in student government (in addition to his course load).

Jordan Grossman: Can you say “Senator Grossman?” Only 27, Grossman is a seasoned government official, serving as the deputy to the Deputy Chief of Staff in the office of the Secretary of Homeland Security. These days, Grossman isn’t concerning himself with terrorist threats. Instead, he acts as the President of Harvard Law School chapter of the American Constitution Society. Prior to that, he edited two Harvard law journals related to public policy and technology.

Angela K. Antony: Brace yourself. Here it comes. Anthony can be charitably described as a “Renaissance woman.” A summa cum laude graduate of Harvard, Anthony went on to earn her MBA (also at Harvard) before enrolling in law school. Before that, she co-founded a media and software company, Beanstockd Media, that won an MTV Young Creators Award and was featured in outlets ranging from US News and World Report to PBS. If that wasn’t enough, Anthony speaks four languages, acts as a Senior Editor on the Harvard Law Review, and is a trained soprano. My guess: The Harvard men are lining up to earn their “Mr.” degree with her.

Kirkland Lynch: Think you have a busy schedule? Try being the CEO of a music startup, interning at Sony Music Entertainment, and taking a full course load at Harvard Law. Of course, Lynch isn’t one to shy away from hard work. Just listen to his philosophy:

“My entire life I have been getting two educations: one from the street and one from school…That’s put me at an extreme advantage over the person next to me. People who just have the street education are hustlers, but don’t know how to flip it into something legitimate, and people with just the school education have legitimate jobs but they don’t know how to hustle so in the end they’re just workers.”

Fearless prediction: Lynch will probably become the most successful member of his class.

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