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How To Bolster Your Law School Application

There are a variety of ways to enhance your law school application – from strong test scores to impressive GPAs and work experience.

Gabriel Kuris, founder of Top Law Coach and contributor at US News, recently highlighted how academic projects can highly enhance key skills and traits in your law school applications.


Research and writing are integral components of the law school education. While demonstrating your research and writing skills are evident in your essays, Kuris says, a research project can effectively showcase your research and writing chops to admissions officers.

“Particularly if you are a college student with little workplace experience, the best way you can show off your research and writing skills is with a substantial research project,” Kuris writes. “This project does not need to concern a legal topic. Laboratory research reports and humanities theses alike can show as much in-depth research and analysis as a paper about constitutional law or criminal justice.”


Law students tend to have to balance a number of obligations responsibilities from coursework to internships and extracurriculars.

One of the best ways to demonstrate strong project and time management in your applications is through a major academic project.

“Completing a major academic project while juggling a full course load demonstrates similar skills,” Kuris writes. “It takes ambition to accept such a challenge and maturity to see the work through to completion.”


Your ability to build connections and leverage those connections are key to succeeding in law school.

Admissions officers will utilize your recommendation letters to see whether or not you’ve been able to effectively demonstrate potential and build a strong relationship with professors and managers.

“This is the chance for someone to discuss your dedication, seriousness, intellectual curiosity, research and writing skills, communication skills, teamwork and presentation skills, and leadership in a way that you cannot without sounding arrogant,” Ann Levine, founder and chief law school admission consultant at Law School Expert, writes for National Jurist. “The best letters of recommendation are written by someone whom the reader will trust to give an unbiased opinion.”

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