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Harvard Law School

Strategies To Get Into Harvard Law

With an acceptance rate of 13%, Harvard Law ranks consistently as one of the world’s most selective and prestigious law schools.

You’ll need to be an exceptional candidate to gain admission to Harvard Law. That’s why Business Insider recently spoke to admissions experts and students who offered a few strategies that may help your chances of admission to Harvard Law – from timing your application submission to taking the LSAT over the GRE.


Harvard Law follows three admission rounds with acceptance dates that include January 11, February 16, and March 22. This is important to note as when you submit your application matters a lot.

“The idea is that if you’re cutting it close to one date, it’s unlikely your materials will be reviewed during that round and thus it’s more sensible to aim for the next window instead of rushing,” Elizabeth Kiefer, of Business Insider, reports.


While Harvard Law accept the GRE, experts recommend taking the LSAT as the exam is more widely accepted across all law schools. Taking the LSAT will save you time and resources rather than having to take two exams.

“The bottom line is: Unless the only schools you apply to take the GRE, don’t bother to take it,” Jeff Thomas, Kaplan Test Prep’s executive director of admissions programs, tells Business Insider.


There’s studying and then there’s studying strategically. When it comes to the LSAT, experts recommend focusing on areas of ‘high impact,’ which means you’ll want to consistently practice on areas you can improve upon.

“I equate it to learning how to play a sport or a musical instrument: Just because you don’t have the skills today doesn’t mean you can’t develop them tomorrow,” Thomas tells Business Insider.

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