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Law School Found Out of Compliance Again

Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law is in hot water…still.

The law school received a notice from the ABA that it remains out of compliance with an admissions standard, the ABA Journal reports.


The council of the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar found that the law school was out of compliance with Standard 501 (a), which requires law schools to adopt, publish, and adhere to sound admissions policies.

The notice follows an investigation that found an admissions officer at the law school had admitted students who didn’t meet admissions standards in exchange for bribes.

According to the Texas Tribune, an investigation found that five unqualified students were admitted to the law school in 2019 amidst bribes and given scholarships.


This isn’t the first time Thurgood Marshall School of Law has run into trouble with the ABA.

Back in February, the council found that the university was out of compliance with Standard 501 (b), which requires schools to only admit people who appear capable of finishing law school and being admitted to the Bar.

The council ultimately determined that the law school demonstrated compliance with Standard 501 (b).

Thurgood Marshall School of Law will need to submit a report by August and appear before the Council in November to clear itself of Standard 501 (a).

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