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February Bar Exam Results Are Out

New York law grads who took the February bar exam scored the state’s highest passing rate in nearly a decade.

340 candidates scored a passing rate of 74%, an increase of 2% from last year’s exam, reports.


Other test-takers didn’t perform quite as well as New York.

The pass rate for 426 first-time test takers from out-of-state ABA-approved law schools was 70%, down 2% from last year.

For all 766 first-time takers, the pass rate was 72%, the same as last year.

Overall, February’s exam saw a total of 3,563 candidates with an overall passage rate of 40%, down 5% from last year’s exam.


Experts attribute the drop in passing rate to the performance of repeat-takers and foreign-educated test-takers.

Amongst 2,254 repeat-takers, only 28% passed. And repeat-takers make up nearly 64% of February’s cohort.

Foreign educated test-takers, who totaled 1,649, made up 46% of all candidates and had a passing rate of only 31%.

Sources:, New York State Board of Law Examiners