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Law School Launches COVID-19 Resource Database

Stanford Law is launching a COVID-19 database on memoranda covering issues related to the coronavirus crisis.

The COVID-19 Memo Database, developed and maintained by the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University and Cornerstone Research, provides searchable access to approximately 4,000 memoranda covering legal, regulatory, accounting, and governance issues, according to a Stanford Law press release.

“We are drowning in COVID-19 information,” Joseph Grundfest, W. A. Franke Professor of Law and Business, senior faculty of the Rock Center, and chair of the audit committee at KKR & Co., Inc., says. “I see literally dozens of terrific memoranda every day from high-quality law firms, but have no way of quickly finding the most recent information specific to a problem I am researching. This database is a practical solution to a real-world problem that can also serve as a great resource for scholars and educators.”


One of the main goals of the database is to provide a real-time snapshot of the legal questions large businesses may have due to COVID-19.

The database provides two main resources.

The first is a COVID-19 Firm Resources Database which lists each firm in the database and identifies its dedicated COVID-19 coverage.

The second is a COVID-19 Memo Database, which offers a searchable index of the COVID-19-related memorandum generated by each firm listed in the Resources Database.

The hope, experts say, is to offer legal and business organizations a resource in times of uncertainty.

“As we collectively strive to address the evolving coronavirus crisis, it is becoming clear that COVID-19 will have profound, far-reaching implications,” Alexander “Sasha” Aganin, Cornerstone Research senior vice president, says. “In joining our firm’s capabilities with the reach and impact of Stanford Law School, we hope to provide a dynamic source of information that will be useful to legal and business enterprises as well as the broader community at large.”

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