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Here’s How New York Law Schools Performed On The Bar

July’s bar exam results are out for New York law schools.

This year saw a four percent increase in passage rate for first-time takers with 85% of all first-time takers from ABA-accredited law schools in New York passing. 11 law schools in the state saw an increase in pass rates, with two law schools seeing double-digit gains, according to Above The Law.


The most surprising news isn’t that a few law schools saw drops in passage rates, but that three T14 law schools saw their passage rates decline.

Columbia Law’s pass rate fell from 98.3% to 96.9% this year.

At New York University, the pass rate declined from 98.4% last year to 95.8% this year.

And at Cornell, the passage rate dropped from 94.1% to 93.8%

While those aren’t devastating drops, it is striking that so many top law schools experienced a drop in passage rates.


Despite the marginal drops in pass rates for a select law schools, a majority of law schools saw an increase in passage rate this year.

One of the biggest improvements came from Touro Law School, which was previously ranked as the worst-performing law school.

While Touro Law still had the lowest first-time bar pass rate among New York law schools, it saw a huge increase of 14.8 points going from 48.6% last year to 63.4% this year.

“This year’s rate is a step forward,” Touro Dean Elena B. Langan says in a statement. “I expect we will maintain an upward trend as we continue to implement new initiatives and work closely with each of our students. Many of our recent efforts have yielded positive results and I am confident that we can continue to support students in ways that will be beneficial.”

Sources: Above The Law, New York State Board of Law Examiners