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Law School Helps Pre-Law Students Prepare For Digital LSAT

One law school is working to ensure pre-law students are well prepared for the online LSAT.

At George Washington University Law School, officials and student leaders are working with LSAC to familiarize pre-law students with the recent changes of the digital exam, The GW Hatchet reports.


At GW, the Pre-Law Student Association is working with LSAT Max, a company offering digital LSAT preparation, to offer students free full-length digital practices tests.

Additionally, the association is sending a link to the company’s app in the club’s newsletter to help encourage students to take advantage of the free resources.

“It’s a good way for people to practice taking it digitally if they decide to do that,” Gaurav Gawankar, the president of the Pre-Law Student Association, tells The GW Hatchet.


The switch from paper to digital for the LSAT brings about a number of benefits.

For one, the digital exam may increase accessibility to the exam as the LSAC has removed the cap on how many times students can take the test.

“The more times you take it your score goes up because this is an exam that can be learned, but the downside is that there will be more higher scores out there when you apply to law school and make it more competitive,” Axel Sarkissian, president of the Pre-Law Society at UCLA, tells the Daily Bruin.

Additionally, experts say, the digital format of the new LSAT puts it in line with other graduate admissions exams, such as the GRE, which are already offered in a digital format.

Experts recommend that test takers practice reading questions on a tablet rather than paper to accustom themselves to the new format.

“That’s a little thing, but it’s a very tangible way to get yourself ready for that digital administration so that there’s nothing about it that feels confusing,” Glen Stohr, the senior manager for instructional design at Kaplan Test Prep, tells The GW Hatchet.

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