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If You Want To Do Well On The Bar Exam, Read This

You’re studying for the bar exam, but you’re worried you aren’t preparing the right way.
Kerriann Stout, a contributor at Above The Law and founder of Vinco (a bar exam coaching company), recently discussed why practice questions are the most important part of bar exam prep.
“Every student thinks that they are the exception, but the truth is there are no exceptions when it comes to practice questions for the bar exam,” Stout writes. “It is impossible to be adequately prepared for the bar exam without doing a large volume of questions for each part of the test.”
Applying Law to Facts
Practice questions can be especially helpful in getting you used to applying law to facts.
“The bar exam is testing not only your ability to memorize law, but also your ability to apply facts to that law,” Stout writes. “Application is not something you just think about or memorize; it is something that you must actively do. Going through practice questions will show you the various ways the bar examiners can test on a subject and give you the opportunity to strategize different approaches.”
A Good Assessment for Feedback
It can be helpful to get feedback from a bar exam expert when preparing. Practice questions, Stout argues, can help experts understand what areas you might need improving on.
“It is not enough to just tell them how you are doing, they need to see your scores or read your writing to actually be able to help you,” Stout writes. “Practice questions are the tool that allows this to happen. If you go to someone for help having done several hundred multiple choice questions and having written a few essays, they will be able to review your results and give you specific advice on what changes to make to improve.”
Start Early
Experts all agree that practice questions are essential to preparing for the bar exam. However, it’s important to note that they will only be helpful if you start preparing early.
“About two weeks into your studying, start completing MBE (Multistate Bar Examination) practice questions—start without a timer to get familiar with the structure of the questions and to test base knowledge,” Allyson Evans writes for Magoosh. “Be sure to spend time reviewing your answers to get the most out of your time spent completing loads of MBE problems.”
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