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New York Releases Bar Exam Passage Results

New York has posted an overall state bar exam pass rate of 68% for July 2017.
According to the New York State Board of Law Examiners, the July 2017 exam saw 9,932 examinees, the lowest number of candidates since 2004.
July 2017 saw a 78% passage rate for all first-time takers and an 86% pass rate for all first-time ABA takers.
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Above The Law reports that this summer’s pass rate overall was 7 percentage points higher than July 2015’s pass rate. For all first-time takers, this July’s exam saw a pass rate 8 percentage points higher and 7 percentage points higher for all first-time ABA takers.
In May 2015, New York State’s Chief Judge, Johnathan Lippman announced the state would begin adopting a Uniform Bar Exam given in 15 other states. UBE would make New York the largest state adopt a national credential for lawyers, according to The New York Times.
“We recognize it’s a global world and there has to be portability with the law license around the country,” Judge Lippman tells The New York Times. “We think we would be sticking our heads in the sand if we don’t realize the practice of law doesn’t stop at state lines.”
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