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Policy Careers An Option For Law School Grads

Traditionally, when we think of lawyers, we think of courtroom attorneys. Yet, law degrees can also open doors to several other careers.
Policy careers are an option for many law grads who want to apply legal analysis skills. According to US News, law grads who go into policy can “advocate for political causes, draft bills for legislators, craft regulations for government agencies or provide policy commentaries for think tanks, nonprofits and for-profit consulting groups.”
Law school can give students the ability to determine how laws might change over time and communicate legal jargon to everyday individuals.
Richard Hermann is the author of a collection of booklets that describe legal careers. He tells US News that prospective law students interested in pursuing a policy career should understand that there is competition in “think tank” positions.
“Think tanks such as Brookings, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Cato Institute, and policy shops typically only hire individuals with considerable, quality experience,” says Hermann.
The key to successfully finding a policy job? Know where to look.
“Policy jobs can be found in all levels of government as well as in nonprofit advocacy groups, think tanks, and trade associations,” Barbara Moulton, assistant dean with the Office of Public Interest and Community Service at Georgetown University’s law school, tells US News. “Congress is a major source of legal internships and law-related positions for law students in DC, as are nonprofit organizations that engage in educating the public and policymakers on social and political issues.”
Policy is a field where individuals can directly influence the impact of laws. For those up for the challenge, it can be a rewarding career as a law grad.
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