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Baltimore Law Schools Partner To Set Up New Legal Incubator

The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and The University of Baltimore School of Law are partnering to set up a new legal incubator program that will assist five or six recent law school graduates in starting their own private practices.
The program acts like a startup accelerator for lawyers, helping graduates avoid expensive startup costs by giving them the resources they require, such as office space and malpractice insurance, for a period of a year to 18 months. As is the case for many similar programs, the joint-effort comes as a response to concerns regarding the anemic legal job market in recent years.
Lawyers placed in the incubator will be supervised by an attorney from Civil Justice, a nonprofit group focused on legal services for low income clients. The assigned supervising attorney will work on a part-time basis under a $50,000 grant from the Maryland Bar Foundation.
Participants in the incubator are required to commit a minimum of 10 percent of their billable hours to low-cost clients and must also agree to accept at least one pro-bono case. The structure of the program aims to assist lawyers build their legal skills while simultaneously granting them access to advice they wouldn’t be able to attain if they were working on their own.
Source: Baltimore Business Journal
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