Congrats, Grads! Now Get Studying

law school grads

law school grads

Congratulations, Law School Grads! Now Get Studying


Spring is in the air. Birds are chirping at 5:00 a.m. again. Leaves and flowers are popping. And newbie law school grads are tossing their motorboards and hunkering down in libraries before the tassels hit the ground. The joy of graduating law school is fleeting. Because as everyone knows, you’re not a real lawyer until you pass that aggravating bar exam. And if last year’s results are any indicator, bar passage does not come easy.

Not to fret or worry, grads. A recent bar exam taker gives some pertinent advice on how to weather the two-month study storm. First, trust the process. Meaning, sign up for a bar prep course. They are all the same in that they will give you a plan and a schedule. Pick one and stick to it.

Next, learn to take the test. Duh. But what the author means is to be OK with poor results and feeling rushed at the beginning. If your time is up on an essay or question, move on. Complete practice tests in the allotted time—no matter how horribly your grade may or may not be. By sticking to the strict schedule of the exam, you will train yourself to perform better.

Give yourself as much time to study as possible but also take some time to relax. If there is a time to be selfish, the months before the bar are that time. Lean on your friends and family for support and allot as much time as possible to study and prep. However, it’s essential to avoid burnout. The author suggests taking off Sundays. One “treat yourself” day in the week is necessary.

Don’t lose sight of your goal. And your goal? To pass. That’s it. Just pass, baby. With that in mind, one confidence-boosting tactic the author gives is to look at previous exams. The author says looking at previous exams will show some of the answers that received decent scores. Translation: Some not-so-great test takers have passed.

Don’t dwell on answers. If an answer is subpar, that’s fine. It’s one answer and there are many answers. Shake it off and move on. Finally, institute a gag order among your friends. Specifically, after the test is over, forget about it. You’ll drive yourself insane discussing test questions and answers with fellow bar exam takers for the months you are waiting for results. The test is finished. Put it to bed.

Congrats and good luck, recent grads!

Source: The Daily Record (Maryland)