Law School 101: The Numbers You Need To Get Accepted

Source: U.S. News & World Report

2016 Rank2015 RankSchool2016 Tuition and Fees2015 Tuition and Fees2016 LSAT Score (25th-75th Percent-ile)2015 LSAT Score (25th-75th Percent-ile)2016 Accept-ance Rate2015 Accept-ance Rate2016 GPA2015 GPA
7564Yeshiva University$53,570$51,778155-162156-16252.4%46.0%3.25-3.673.2-3.65
7561University of Arkansas (Fayetteville)$30,028$937 (Per Credit)151-157152-15760.4%50.1%3.24-3.743.29-3.72
7881University of Pittsburgh$39,100$37,604152-160154-16144.4%49.6%3.09-3.683.16-3.61
7868Loyola (Chicago)$44,180$41,666155-159155-16052.0%51.1%3.05-3.523.14-3.58
7883Brooklyn Law$1,795 (Credit)$1,795 (Credit)153-159157-16153.2%43.9%3.05-3.533.16-3.63
7872Illinois Institute of Technology (Kent)$45,472$44,410152-159153-15961.7%54.7%3.17-3.623.16-3.6
8272University of Tulsa$34,430$33,428151-158152-15832.5%38.2%3.12-3.733.08-3.74
82100University of Hawaii$39,192$36,240152-159155-15937.8%33.3%3.07-3.603.03-3.61
82NRSt. John’s University$51,490NA153-159NA46.4%NA3.19-3.64NA
82100University of Oregon$38,056$36,746154-159156-16154.3%49.5%2.97-3.563.03-3.55
8279University of Cincinnati$29,010$41,044151-159155-15959.8%61.1%3.22-3.773.21-3.65
8793Northeastern University$45,000$43,910153-162153-16238.0%43.8%3.25-3.683.27-3.69
8783Rutgers University-Newark$38,029$37,189153-159154-15943.6%39.4%3.05-3.543.01-3.54
8793University of New Hampshire$41,378$41,190152-158153-15948.1%53.9%3.16-3.713.05-3.62
8793Villanova University$41,250$40,060152-159153-16051.2%55.2%3.33-3.723.24-3.74
87NRSyracuse University$46,064NA153-157NA55.5%NA3.19-3.55NA
87100University of Buffalo$43,987$40,056151-157150-15856.3%51.9%3.11-3.663.21-3.66
8793St. Louis University$38,435$37,615151-158151-15862.3%58.7%3.19-3.653.15-3.66
9487Michigan State University$37,294$35,844150-158152-15943.0%49.6%3.25-3.733.27-3.71
94NRUniversity of Mississippi$31,688NA151-156NA44.3%NA3.20-3.66NA
94NRSanta Clara University$1,568 (Per Credit)NA156-160NA49.8%NA3.04-3.47NA
9483West Virginia University$34,524$33,714152-156151-15754.4%61.7%3.09-3.703.1-3.72
9493University of South Carolina$46,180$44,752152-157153-15857.3%57.0%2.96-3.543.05-3.54
9472Louisiana State University$40,348$38,118153-158153-15962.2%46.2%2.96-3.533.13-3.66
9472Lewis & Clark University$40,114$39,326155-161154-16166.9%59.1%3.0-3.583.46-3.67
9487University of Louisville$36,538$34,612150-157152-15769.7%65.6%3.17-3.623.0-3.58

Source: U.S. News & World Report

  • Mr. Wannabe Entrepreneur

    If your eyes are set on Ivy League, I wouldn’t go to NYU. Simply because it’s NOT an Ivy!

    • IIlI

      yeah all i know about nyu is the olsen twins from the full house tv show wanted to go there so they did.

  • Ms. Truthful

    im an aspiring prosecutor, and location isn’t a problem for me, except i have my heart and mind, set on an ivy league. but, i dont know the probability of me actually being able to get into one… i need to know the best ivy’s and almost-ivy’s for my case. i also dont know how likely it is, for me to get into one. i need help on which to pick. but i still need to know if i could ever get into one of the best. those are the ones im looking out for, the most.

    • Deon McCormick

      Prosecutors do more than seek convictions. They impanel Grand Juries who eliminate people as suspects; No-True Bill. They make recommendations and reports, as in the priest-molestation cases. They have hearts ans refer juvenile cases to mediation or private agencies to prevent the stigma of convictions. They also make society safer by providing proper penalties to those who are risks to our well being. G/L!