Princeton Review’s New Rankings

Northwestern University School of Law

Northwestern University School of Law

Princeton Review Lists Cover Nearly Every Criterion Imaginable


The Princeton Review 2015 law school rankings were released just in time for law school applicants to make the most informed decisions on where to apply. For example, if you want to go to law school based on career prospects, then you would want to go to Northwestern University. Or the University of California-Berkeley. Or maybe even the University of Chicago. They were the top three in that category.

But maybe you want to have the best classroom experience. Then you would want to apply to Stanford, Duke, or the University of Virginia, who were the top three in that category. If you want to go to a school that is best for minority students, the University of Hawaii at Manoa is the school for you. Or try for a school in California. The Golden State has five schools out of the top ten for minority students.

If you are going for the professors, apply to Duke, Boston University, or the University of Virginia. Want to go to a school based on quality of life? Try out the University of Virginia, Duke University, or Chapman University (Orange, California). Are you really competitive? Like, the only reason you even want to go to law school is to make your fellow 1L’s look stupid? Then don’t go to Baylor University, Brigham Young University, or Widener University. You will be in a classroom full of a bunch of you’s.

Are you a staunch right-wing conservative? It would probably be best to attend Ave Maria School of Law, Regent University, or Brigham Young University. Want to be surrounded by weed-smoking liberal hippies? American University, the University of Oregon (duh), and New York University are the places for you.

Do you have no intentions of going to law school but are in need of a good challenge? Try to get into Yale, Stanford, or Harvard. They are the three toughest schools to actually get accepted to.

The rankings are based on surveys that went out to around 19,500 law students. Additionally, current students can request surveys that would be added to the rankings. Full lists of rankings can be found here.

Source: The Princeton Review