It’s Never Too Late To Go To Law School

Yale School of Law

Yale School of Law

A 93-Year-Old Audits Yale School Of Law


Harold Kent is in his third year of attending classes at the Yale School of Law. He has taken Sports Law, Criminal Law, and his favorite, Convicting the Innocent, among many others. Kent is also 93 years old. He was recently featured in a New Haven Register article.

His story is nothing short of amazing. Three years ago he walked into the dean’s office at the Yale School of Law and told the dean’s administrative assistant he was 90 years old and wanted five minutes with the dean. The dean agreed to speak with him but told Kent he does not allow anyone to audit classes at Yale. Two days later, he called Kent and told him he could audit the courses he wanted under the condition of getting an OK from each professor before attending. Every professor has said yes to his requests.

Kent doesn’t take tests or worry about grades but he does attend every class, participates in discussions, and reads every book. He is also fulfilling a lifetime long dream of attending law school. When he was about six credits from graduating undergrad from The Ohio State University, Kent was called to serve in the infantry during World War II. Kent fought at the Battle of the Bulge under Gen. George Patton. When he returned home, law school didn’t seem like something he wanted to do. Makes sense for someone who spent a week in a foxhole shooting at Germans.

So now Kent is living his dream and finishing up his third year of law school while working as a real estate specialist. To say he needs to be active and constantly learning would be an insulting understatement. When asked if he would continue next year to take more classes, Kent said as long as he can get around he will take more classes. So, he will be taking more classes.

Source: New Haven Register