Is Online Education Law Schools' Future?

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Why We Hated Being Summer Associates

Source: Above the Law

Will the Recession’s Impact Linger at Law School

Source: Boston Globe

Case Western Reserve Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit


Two Law Schools Unveil Targeted Scholarships

Source: National Law Journal

Being  Social is Good, But Being Accountable is Better

Source: National Law Journal

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Lynsey Schumacher ‏@lynsey_schu
You know all those “where do you see yourself in 10 yrs” essays? I saw myself as an attorney. Crazy to think law school starts in 1 month!
Sarah Kapitko ‏@sarahgurt
Attention: Just because I will be going to law school does not mean I can answer your legal questions right now. I don’t know anything yet.
emily ‏@godxmn
this boy I dated in middle school is going to law school now wow emily should’ve said I love you back
3L Struggles ‏@3l_struggles
Law school: rips your soul and every ounce of self-confidence you had into pieces, then tells you it’s “nothing personal.”