Law Vs. Undergrad: How Different?

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Median LSAT Scores For Top 50 Schools

Source: Lawschooli

University of West Virginia Law Dean Promoted

Source: National Law Journal

Anonymous Donor Gives $4 Million to Southern Methodist Law

Source: Dallas News

Applying a Legal Education to a Technical or Engineering Background

Source: U.S. News and World Report

Lowering Tuition Benefits Everyone, Not Just Law School Students

Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

New Program Puts USC Undergrads on Fast Track to Law School

Source: University of Southern California

Former Law Prof: The Socratic Method is a S****y Way to Teach

Source: Above the Law

Lawyer Applies to Be Paralegal

Source: Above the Law

The Most Cited Law Faculty

Source: Leiter Law School

Vermont Law Launches Incubator Project

Source: Vermont Digger

University of Minnesota Professor Under Fire From Investors

Source: Star Tribune

Best Cities For Corporate and Finance Law

Source: National Jurist

Is It a Good Idea to Pursue a Law Degree After an MBA

Source: Business Because

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LawSchoolHumor ‏@LawSchoolHumor People always want your educated opinion for free. I thought I went to law school so I could charge people for my opinion. Almond, J.D. ‏@Almond_JD Thank heavens we spent so much time on that topic in law school since the bar prep lecturer just said it’s highly unlikely it’ll be tested cszabla cszabla ‏@cszabla  46m nothing brings a law school graduate’s head closer to exploding than supreme court decisions reduced to 140 characters by DC journalists.