Famous People Who Failed The Bar

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A Consumer’s Guide to LL.M. Programs

Source: Lawyer Statesman

Florida State Law Professor Dies in Shooting

Source: Tallahassee.com

New York Law School’s Safe Passage Project Helps Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Navigate the Immigration Court System

Source: New York Daily News

University of Texas Assistant Dean Discusses Diversity Efforts

Source: Texas Lawyer

Gift to Bolster Maryland Law’s Environmental Program

Source: National Law Journal

Stanford Prof Named to California Supreme Court

Source: Sacramento Bee

Suffolk Law Holds Hackathon to Benefit the Disadvantaged

Source: Bostinno

Taking Charge of Your Own Learning in Law School

Source: http://lawschoolacademicsuccess.com/2014/07/20/taking-charge-of-your-own-learning-in-law-school/

Should Iowa Nix Bar Exam for In-State Grads?

Source: ABA Journal


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Alphonse L. Williams ‏@Fonzeaux
Lol a CEO just told me, “If you make it through your first 2 years in law school, call me.”

Manolo M. ‏@Manolo88
Remember the old days when I thought Law School was a good idea? What was I thinking?! #Lawschool #Summerclasses #Ohwell #keepgrinding

  • Bernard Costello

    I failed the Bar last Friday night , when i went head first into the servery .!

  • Karl LaFong

    Why do you repeat garbage like this? “Al Gore? He left Vanderbilt—and still managed to invent the internet!” You know, or should know, that he never made this claim. You may think you’re funny, but you are helping poison the information well from which the public drinks.

  • stockmen

    Cardozo did indeed drop out of Columbia Law School without earning a degree. But it is not true, as many websites claim, that he flunked the bar exam. The truth is contained in Andrew Kaufman’s biography, Cardozo, at p. 54: young Benjamin applied for admission to the New York on June 26, 1891, as soon as he turned 21. He was duly examined and was admitted on October 26 of that year.